Meet the team behind Caluwe, Inc.

Caluwe Inc. is one of America’s preeminent designers and builders of advanced biomass heating installations. With over fifteen years of experience and over 350 projects nationwide, Caluwe will provide turnkey solutions to your most challenging heat and combined heat and power (CHP) energy needs.

We carry a full range of modern biomass heating and combined heat and power technology to meet residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial needs for heat energy from renewable and low carbon woody biomass fuels.



A trained mechanical engineer and native of Belgium, Marc Caluwe moved to the United States in 1998. Caluwe Inc. was started in 2005 with a focus on residential heating with small European hydronic wood stoves.

In 2010 Caluwe expanded its product offerings to include one of Austria’s premier wood pellet boiler lines through an exclusive North American relationship with Windhager.

Recognizing the need for proven wood chip technology, Caluwe expanded his line to include Heizomat, one of Germany’s leading wood chip boiler manufacturers with over 35,000 installations globally.

Windhager and Heizomat provide Caluwe with the ability to use diverse woody biomass fuels in a wide range of applications, including making both heat and electricity. In 2015 Caluwe entered a relationship with Spanner to bring their micro-scale biomass fueled combined heat and power systems to the U.S. market.

Through strategic relationships with numerous partner companies, Caluwe has the capacity to design, develop, install, and service projects throughout the country. Caluwe’s 350+ installations stand as testament to its success as one of America’s leading biomass system design/build companies.

Marc Caluwe
Marc Caluwe
Matt Gaugeon
Matt Gaugeon
Operations Manager
Young motivated charismatic professional experienced with a positive attitude, leadership values and skills, commitment to safety, quality and company values who also is always willing to continue on learning and utilizing a new technology. 
With that being said, I have experience working within the past 10 years, eight of those years working at two different machine shops as an machine engineer in western Massachusetts to being where I am today as a operations manager for Caluwe sinse January 2020 where I do a lot of different things from sales to some quotations and project management. 
I look forward to having the pleasure to work with you!