Heizomat stands for German quality.

Since 1982, Heizomat has been developing and producing fully automatic wood heating systems, providing solutions for private households, agriculture, industry, trade and local heating networks so they can use low carbon woody biomass heat and take the true path of the energy transition.

Heizomat stands for German quality. A robust design with the most sophisticated technical components, guaranteeing operation for generations. Today, with over 35,000 installations worldwide, Heizomat is a global leader in superb biomass heat engineering. Caluwe has been Heizomat’s exclusive US distributor since 2015.

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HSK-RA wood chip boilers UL / CSA product image

HSK-RA wood chip boilers UL / CSA

Model HSK-RA   Heat output from 30 – 200 kW  (102,360 – 680,000 BTU/hr) (Click through to specifications)

Primarily a woodchip boiler but equally efficient at burning saw dust and shavings with a wide range of moisture contents, this boiler series provides a compact solution to heating with wood biomass fuels.

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RHK-AK biomass boilers UL / CSA product image

RHK-AK biomass boilers UL / CSA

Heat output from 30 – 600 kW  (102,360 – 2,047,200 BTU/hr) (Click through to specifications)

A multi-fuel biomass boiler maintaining high efficiency at partial and peak load outputs with a wide variety of fuels from woodchip to Miscanthus. Utilizing a moving chain-grate ash removal system.

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Wood Chip Discharger Systems product image

Wood Chip Discharger Systems

It was only this technology, developed by HEIZOMAT back in 1982, that made it possible to burn wood chips safely, fully automatically and conveniently. The agitator with loosening geometry guarantees trouble-free transportation of the heating material from the silo to the boiler system.

HeizoTrans Truck Unloading Systems product image

HeizoTrans Truck Unloading Systems

Conveyor and transport systems for wood chips – efficient, tried and tested.

Filling the wood chip storage bunker with wood chips is often a major challenge as the requirement on filling bunkers is as individual as our customers. This is why Heizomat has a wide variety of products related to this topic on offer.