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For almost 100 years, Windhager has been renowned for innovative technical solutions, making heating convenient, safe and cost-effective. Strong demand for their products has allowed them to grow constantly and develop numerous innovations in the heating market.

Windhager is now one of Europe's leading manufacturers of boilers for renewable energies and have suitable heating systems for every woody biomass fuel.

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PuroWIN – wood chip boiler UL / CSA product image

PuroWIN – wood chip boiler UL / CSA

The wood chip heating revolution

With the PuroWIN, Windhager has revolutionized heating with wood chips. Never before has this wood chip fuel been used so cleanly, safely and intelligently to supply heat. The near zero-emission gasification boiler offers impressively smart and safe technology and is the first boiler to utilize suction to transport the wood chips.

BioWIN Lite – wood pellet boiler UL / CSA / EPA product image

BioWIN Lite – wood pellet boiler UL / CSA / EPA

The BioWIN Lite is a high quality, high efficiency pellet boiler in a Lite format

The BioWIN Lite is a quality and efficient wood pellet boiler in a small format. The BioWIN Lite is THE wood pellet boiler for long term, carefree heating. Every component of the BioWIN Lite is carefully designed and state-of-the-art, making heating with pellets even more convenient, economical and reliable.

The compact design of the BioWIN Lite means it requires less than 16 SF of floor space. Its features include a fully automatic heat exchanger and burner bowl cleaning functions. Ash from the BioWIN Lite combustion chamber and heat exchanger is periodically removed from below the burner bowl when indicated to do so on the simple to operate InfoWIN boiler control display. Available with 440 Lbs. integrated hopper. The InfoWIN display allows for an optional remote connection with your smart phone.

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BioWIN2T – wood pellet boiler UL / CSA / EPA product image

BioWIN2T – wood pellet boiler UL / CSA / EPA

The BioWIN 2T range of wood pellet boilers are highly efficient, durable and the smallest biomass pellet boilers on the market.

Requiring less than 16 SF of space, with minimum clearances included, the BioWIN 2T is the only pellet boiler that can fit into small, restricted areas and be installed flush to the wall requiring no service clearances to the rear, left or right of the appliance.

This state-of-the-art and extremely innovative pellet boiler provides homeowners with long- term, hassle-free and optimum efficiency levels of operation. 

Total installation flexibility is assured with this auto feed appliance utilizing Windhagers unique suction feed system which can automatically refill the boiler hopper from a bulk pellet store over distances of up to 82 Feet between the bulk hopper and boiler.

BioWIN XL – wood pellet boiler UL / CSA product image

BioWIN XL – wood pellet boiler UL / CSA

The BioWIN Excel range of wood pellet boilers provides high outputs, with optimizing efficiency whilst maintaining the highest standards in reliability are at the heart of the BioWIN Excel. Drawing on years of experience and knowledge the design and robustness of the BioWIN Excel has been proven time and time again, operating in demanding installations and providing the reliability that comes second nature to Windhager pellet boilers.

BioWIN Excel has a host of innovative features, a stainless-steel burner bowl with a sliding grate ash removal system, fully automatic heat exchanger cleaning system to maintain boiler efficiency, an ash removal system which removes ash to a large integrated ash bin which can be easily detached and removed, and the on-board software control which maintains its modulating output and reliability.

Windhager’s unique suction feed system ensures that the integrated pellet hopper is periodically replenished automatically from a bulk pellet store, this can be over distances of up to 82 Feet between the bulk hopper and boiler.